FURJ Staff Application: https://goo.gl/forms/Uc7bzlOsVdHd0dNm1


FURJ is happy to present you with Issues I and II from our eighth volume. They can be found on the “Volume VIII” page on this site. This is our first year producing two issues and by doing so, we have doubled the number of articles we published.

For those who were unable to submit to FURJ this year, please check back with us next year in order to be published in Volume IX. As a reminder, recent graduates are eligible to submit and be published in FURJ. 

Additionally, if you are interested in joining the FURJ general staff next volume please be on the look out for FURJ at club fairs next fall. We’ll also e-mail out information, but if you have any questions before then, please feel free to e-mail tfurj@fordham.edu.